Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Break European Style: Greece!

Greece was the last stop on my three week trip. And I have to admit as excited as I was to see Greece I was also glad it was the last stop, I was getting pretty traveled out!

I managed to spend the night before I left in Milan eating at my favorite place (Oskars in Milan. DELICIOUS food- some of the best pasta I have ever had!) After spending the night in Milan I met up with my friends Whitney and Zoe and Zoe's friend from home Brittany. We hopped on the plane and before we knew it we had arrived in Rhodes!

Rhodes was GREAT. not only were we able to enjoy a beach vacation but we explored a lot of the Island and even managed a day trip to Symi- a beautiful island about an hour ferry's ride from Rhodes.  We went swimming in the Aegean Sea, walked through some caves, and ate lots of delicious Greek food! Check it out!

Taking in the view!

check out that water!

Aegean Sea!

Beach vaca!

Inspecting the water for it's wateryness

playing a bit with my camera. ha.

I could dedicate a whole post to the amount of jumping pictures we took. Alas, I will leave you with just one. But check out the air I got on that jump!

Monestary at the top of a hill. So cool!

Kitties. We saw them everywhere.

whit and I

Overlooking the water.

hanging at the beach! Zoe, Brittany, and Whit

randome porch view.

wandering the streets.

the Ferry was a teensy bit windy!

part of the port area in Symi (Simi)

Do you see those colors?

walking around Symi. Very pretty! 

Clock tower at ta church. looked like it was out of Disney world with it's colors.

pondering Simi. hmmm..

beautiful houses!

Anchors away!

In Old Town. Bascially lots of tourists and shopping.

Overall, a really great trip!

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