Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainbow of cake

My adventures in cooking recently haven't been too, well, adventurous. The other day however, in my quest to become a baker extraordinaire, I delved into the magical world of rainbow cakes! They are not that tough to make (dyeing white cake...not that hard) however, I have also never made said white cake (who eats white cake anyways?) so i scoured the internet for a recipe that didn't require lots of effort as I had two sets of little hands helping me as well, Little J, and the neighbor girl. I found this recipe. Little J and NG helped me dump flour, mix and create general chaos as I separated eggs and whisked everything into perfection! 

Next came the hard part. Actually dyeing it. Swiss food coloring? SUCKS. Like MAJORLY SUCKS. But I had to make do. At this point I really wanted to get out the wilton gel food coloring that I have at home. It makes AWESOME colors. So if you are in the U.S. go get some. and dye everything. it's sooooo cool. sorry. Anyways, my little helpers were obsessed with the dyeing. I would put in the dye and they mixed (and ate) as fast as they could.  We talked about the rainbow (regenbogen) and what colors were in it and which colors came when (I know, a teaching moment, you should all be proud!)
mixing the dyes. Note the fingers....

Adding some colors
Final color placement.
I then put the cake batter colors in the pan in order while the girls shouted out the next color. I was not so sure how the cake was going to turn out but hoped it would be fine! I put it in and 45 minutes later out came a pretty decent cake! The girls loved it and friends deemed it pretty decent making my venture a success! To change, I would make more of the red batter and orange batter than the other colors as you couldn't really see those colors and more vibrant colors.
nervous about it? 

finished product!

check out them colors! and blue icing (although the icing sucked. I need to make not so sweet icing.)

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