Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Break European Style: Amsterdam

The next stop on my trip was Amsterdam. We stayed overnight at the airport and then headed early in the morning to Amsterdam to meet up with our friend Shelley.  Amsterdam was an amazing city. I couldn't get enough. We stayed with the au pair who worked with my family last year. It was so nice to catch up and swap stories with her and actually meet her!

The first day we walked around the city. It was nice to not really have a schedule and sort of be able to see the touristy and non touristy part. We stopped for lunch at this amazing sandwich place and walked through a couple of flea markets to see what was around.  That night we were able to cook dinner at Jo's house and relax (and accidentally fall asleep?).  the next day we took the New Europe tour (another fantastic tour!) and got to see so many of the sights. We wandered some more and then that night Michelle and I took a bike ride around the red light district. Interesting to see but I also felt many mixed emotions about these women and the whole situation.

Eathing lunch by the canals. They don't smell like the Venice ones Thank GOODNESS!

bar we went to. Very cool

hanging out on the bikes. Shelley and I managed to do the whole ride on the back thing for a while! pretty hard though!

one of the plazas in Amsterdam right near the palace

Red Light District.


Anne Frank House!
 The next morning we started early off to the Van Gogh Museum, very interesting to see the progression of his work! We followed this with a trip to the Tulip festival. The amount of Tulips scattered throughout the park with the color coordination was definitely impressive! There were so many different kinds of tulips and different arrangements of the flowers. See pictures! We then headed to the Anne Frank museum. A must see in Amsterdam. Very interesting exhibit and cool to walk through the house and look at the way it was set up. 
Amsterdam Sign. Can you find me?

One of the parks in Amsterdam

definitely a necessary picture. 


More. this might get repetitive

there was a hat fashion show. This womans? probs. one of the best! haha

I see you!

tulip fields

walking through some of the gardens

Van Gogh out of tulip petals. it was CRAZAY.

Shelley and Michelle with the Tulips!

check out them shoes!

it's a river of tulips! 

Club I hope to be a part of when I grow old.

The last day I was there by myself and so I went to the World Press Photo Tour exhibit in one of the churches in Amsterdam.  I then walked around the city more before catching my flight to Edinburgh to spend a few days with Shelley!
The world Press photo tour exhibit. So cool to see and a little frightening 
This is the rig that takes bikes out of the canal all year. 

ALMOST bought these.

Best sandwich place. 

classic A'dam.

Jo, the girl I stayed with. only one picture before I hoped on the train!

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