Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That one time when I went skiing!

I recently got a new computer and can now add pictures to my blog posts! I uploaded 200 pictures to my computer and im the process of editing for viewing pleasure!
WAYYYYY back in January my brother hosted a ski weekend with him and 30 of their closest friends. I being the awesome sister that I am got to invite a few friends up with me. One friend who had never skied in her life (michelle), one friend who had been skiing a few times (Nicole) and one friend who was basically professional (Anna), and then me on a snowboard (read: BEGINNER). We were definitely the youngest by about 6 years. We arrived on Friday night by way of train bus and TBAR. Nicole and Michelle and I started up as the last ones on the TBar. I was going to go last as the most experienced of the 3 but after being yelled at in Swiss German to get on the TBar ended up first, a bad idea...., Michelle managed to get up to the top fine without any problems (Amazing for a first time on skis ever!) This left Nicole who managed to get only halfway up the mountain before falling off the TBar and having to ski back down. First lesson. Always sit on the tbar, holding it with your arms will not get you up the mountain and instead leave enormous bruises.
After arriving and a pretty good night of fun, we woke early the next morning (hangovers be damned)  and began our first attempt at Michelle learning to ski. First off, I am in no way a ski instructor. I don't even remember learning how to ski and so to teach someone else was basically disaster. After telling Michelle just to turn and just go, i gave up and let michelle take the reins of teaching herself. She was successful at walking down. I was more just impressed she got down the mountain. I, didn't quite make it. I was over confident in my snowboarding skills and on the last day after not taking the TBar on saturday or sunday (do you know how difficult it is to TBar up a mountain on a snowboard? SO HARD.) I ended up snowboarding part of the way and then sliding down on my butt the rest of the way figuring I could get down quicker on my butt than on my board. Clearly, I am cut out for the professional leagues here.
Overall, we all had a lot of fun talking to real live adults (!!!) and "skiing" we managed to laugh most of our terrible skiing and snowboarding off and really have a great time!
Now for some pictures:
Michelle's first attempt at skiing

Our House for 30+ people

view from the house

skiing makes look super attractive

another view from the house. It was pretty incredible skiing in the Alps!s

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