Sunday, March 20, 2011

peirogi (Or how I impress you with my ability to read a recipe.)

Disclaimer: photos will be there sooon. It's a matter of uploading which takes FOREVER. 
 I cook about 4-5 dinners a week and 3-6 lunches a week. One of my goals for New Years was to be a little more adventurous in my cooking. Luckily the family is pretty open to my experimentation! Last week's adventure? Peirogi. My first foray into Polish cooking and oh my GOODNESS was it time consuming. Start to finish? about 2 hours and 45 minutes. I pulled the recipe off of the web from one of my go to places for inspiration for dinners, because let's face it sometimes I just have no ideas at all.  It called for Sauerkraut filling but I just made the mashed potatoes filling.

First I made up the dough. Pretty basic dough with the exception of sour cream which I have never used in my limited experience with dough.

This was followed by making the mashed potatoes. It called for 2 cups of mashed potatoes so I guessed and took out about  medium potatoes. It was a little more than i needed but was fine for leftovers! I added the onions and let them get cold out in the snow while I rolled the dough out and cut out circles. I think this was the hardest part. The dough got really stiff and harder and harder to roll out as I cut out circles and re-rolled it. But in the end it turned out okay!

After boiling them AND frying them they were ready to go!

Verdict? Family LOVED them. we used sauerkraut and sour cream to top them with and they were delicious. However, I think that this should be reserved for special occasions because watching them be devoured was slightly sad as my 3 hour project was suddenly gone!


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