Monday, November 1, 2010

Munich part 1

I'm doing my trip to Munich in two parts because frankly I don't want to tire you out from reading a ridiculously long post This was about 2 weeks ago ( I know I'm suuuuuper behind!). I did quite a bit during the week I was there. The worst part was doing it by myself. Now I don't mind hanging out by myself occasionally and for short periods of time but this trip was me by myself all week (well except for dinner with the family I was staying with) I had to go to Munich for the week to visit some family of my host family. I got there Sunday night and stayed til Friday night. Besides the occasional picking up of the kids and making dinner twice, I was mostly on my own to do things.

Monday! I got up early (and by early i mean 7:45 because that is about an hour and a half before I normally wake up every day.Yes i do get 9 full hours of sleep every night. Disgusted? I am and I LOVE it!) I decided to head to the main platz Marienplatz. Here I got the top 10 things to do in Munich map from the tourist office and wandered about the area poking into shops and figuring out what my best plan would be for the week. The top ten list was extremely helpful in planning the week and I was able to narrow down where I wanted to go. The good part was that I could be pretty relaxed about the whole week and didn't feel the need to pull out my parents expertise in seeing as much as possible in as little time as possible (Eurotrip '98, oh yes mom and dad that trip will never be forgotten!)I went into the Frauenkirche, and went up in the tower. I saw the market place that was near Marienplatz and ate some weisswurst (never again, one of the worse meals of the trip). This was a day mostly to get my bearings and just be able to wander and see a little bit of architecture along the way.

view of Marienplatz from the ground

Inside the church- love the ceiling!

the view of Marienplatz from Frauenkirche

View from the FrauenKirche the mustard yellow church is the residence palace area

The Frauenkirche towers. Sadly one was being renovated!

Tuesday: I went into the residence palace and around the gardens near there as well as a beautiful old (obviously) church which had no stained glass and all the sculptures were carved into the stone (As seen below). The gardens were really picturesque and it was cool to walk around the area. I also tried desperately to get into the Munich opera house for a tour, but unfortunately they didn't have tours available until Saturday which was after I was leaving. In the museum there were lots of furniture and usual household items but what was interesting was how affected it had been by WWII. The descriptions often said that the ceiling or certain other paintings were destroyed in WWII and so they had very little to help put together a room. Stuff was also switched between this palace and the Nymhenburg palace (I'll talk about there in part II)

view of the park near the residence

residence kirche really really beautiful

note all the carvings and the non stained glass windows.

I lit a candle for my grandfather that recently passed away. It was too beautiful a church not to.

This is the only picture i have inside the residence palace. A really cool banquet room filled with so much art!

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