Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meine Wohnung

Pictures of my apartment! It's pretty small- think a little bigger than dorm room size but it's very cute. They decorated well, I think!

The kitchen and bathroom are to your left right when you walk in. The kitchen has a small oven and you can see the hotplate. The bathroom is your average one!

This is the desk and chair area. To the right is a bookcase and chair you can see below. The view is right at ground level but it's green instead of concrete which is nice!
The chair! I like the stripe curtains a lot!

My bed! There are lots of pillows on it which I like and if you look closely you might be able to find yourselves on the shelf!

That's pretty much it. I am planning on making some collage posters of pictures to put up on the walls which will make it more me. I really like the colors that they chose though!

I spent Thursday afternoon and Friday I spent walking around Zurich which was really nice to see. It was kind of rainy but overall good. I was able to get down to the lake to do a bit of reading and a bit of people watching which was particularly nice! Saturday I went to see Olin and Nikki for the day and we ran errands, made tortillas, hummus, chocolate chip pie and lasagna, and relaxed. They had some friends over for dinner as well which was fun!
I'm on my own all day tomorrow so we shall see how that goes!


  1. Gee, what with all the pink and all I wouldn't expect you to be very happy in that place... :)

  2. it's red! not pink it's all red stripes!

  3. rachy!! i can't wait until we can have european adventures together! i started a blog too: but there's nothing good on it yet. i leave in 3 1/2 weeks... crazy. we should plan on meeting up some weekend in october or whatever your schedule allows!

  4. Laura! Definitely. I can't wait! An adventure is definitely in order!