Friday, August 20, 2010

I have arrived!

I have arrived in Basel! After a pretty short 6.5 hour flight I took the train (with ALL of my luggage....) and met Nikki at the Basel station. A very nice couple helped me on and off the train with my 3 roll-y suitcases and 2 other carry-ons...(luckily the lady who checked me in was very kind and let me put 5kgs extra in each of my suitcases!).
While Thursday was spent sleeping, today I was able to walk around the city for most of the day. Basel is a small city but very cute! I saw a the main Marktplatz, the Munster (city's cathedral), and people watch in one of Nikki's favorite cafe's. I was able to meet up with Nikki and Olin for lunch and then do some more wandering by the River and stopped to catch up on a little reading. Like Zurich, Basel has a rive in the city which the people use to float down the river. I'm hoping to take advantage of that here before I leave and in Zurich! After work Olin, Nikki, and I rode bikes down to the river and met up with some of Nikki's lab for drinks and watch the sunset. Very nice and relaxing!!
One thing I am definitely realizing I will need is a bike for Zurich. It seems to be easier and faster to get around on a bike than on the bus and Tram system. I am here for a few more days and the au pairing adventure begins on Tuesday!

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