Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The time where I actually remember to post....

Okay, so it has been a little over two weeks since I've posted. Things here have been good. I'll get caught up over this week hopefully so that I don't make an excruciatingly long post so that you can pace yourself with my incredibly interesting and fabulous life!(note sarcasm)

I left off last Saturday with the whole eating chestnut meat. Sunday Olin, his friend Barry, and I went off on a tour around Basel and France and Germany for Basel's annual(?) slow-up where they close a bunch of roads and only let bikers and rollerbladers through. We rode about 50km pretty easy riding. I have to admit that my butt was EXTREMELY sore the next day. Some pictures:

Ready to Go!

Almost done!

Total KM. Not sure if that is our average speed....

The rest of last week was pretty uneventful. I continued to hit my head against a wall in German class but also learned to french braid my hair! (Mom and Dad, I know you're so proud!)I am going to try and teach myself the second half of the A1 class and then continue to A2 in November. I am moving to a different school that is only 2 hours a week as opposed and moves at a bit faster pace! As of this past Friday the class finished.

Next up Last weekend's adventures to somewhere I have only been about 5 times in the past 6 weeks here...BASEL!

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